Sino Legend Affirms Respect for U.S. and Chinese Legal Systems


Sino Legend Affirms Respect for U.S. and Chinese Legal Systems; Commits to Maintaining High Professional Standards as IP Cases Proceed
ZHANGJIAGANG CITY, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With its trade secret infringement case proceeding to a full review by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), Sino Legend (Zhangjiagang) Chemical Co., Ltd. has affirmed its respect for the ITC’s process and authority.
“While we are disappointed with the ITC administrative law judge’s initial ruling, we will continue to conduct ourselves in the highly professional and ethical manner that the ITC, our customers, our partners and the industry have come to expect, and which they deserve,” said Mr. Corey Xie, general manager, Sino Legend. “We will petition the ruling per established procedures, fully respecting the legal system’s honor and authority.”
While the ITC continues to review that particular issue, Shanghai No.2 Intermediate People's Court recently ruled in favor of Sino Legend in two landmark patent application rights and trade secret infringement cases. All claims brought by SI Group Inc. and SI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Case Nos. 48 and 50 were found to have no factual or legal basis.
In an interview with a U.S. business journal published on June 19, SI Group General Counsel Tom Masterson leveled inflammatory charges at the Chinese legal system and aforementioned trial. According to The Business Review, Mr. Masterson said, “It was all about beating the ITC to the punch. They were making a determined effort to reach a result unfavorable to SI. We decided we would not play along with that scheme.”
Hours later, Mr. Masterson and a spokeswoman reportedly elaborated on the statement, calling the publication to “say SI Group is not accusing the Chinese judges, but instead speculating on their motives.”
In less than five years after beginning full-scale production, Sino Legend has become the largest Asian manufacturer of resins for the tire and rubber industries, holding 70 percent of the Chinese market and 30 percent share for the rest of Asia. The company is a supplier to 13 of the top 15 multinational tire companies operating in Asia, as well as to the majority of China’s domestic manufacturers.
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